Starting Position

Breathing Exercise Starting Position

Stand with both feet parallel and shoulder width apart. The weight of your body rests at the center. Relax your whole body with your arms hanging naturally by your sides. Relax all of your joints, but do not bend them intentionally. Look ahead, but pay attention to all around you. Keep your head and neck erect while keeping your backbone straight. As a beginner you should also keep a mind that the tip of your nose corresponds to the navel and that your tailbone corresponds to the heels. With this image in mind, you can automatically withdraw your chin and buttocks and relax your torso and keep it up straight.

Now breathe deeply, but do not hold it. Adjust your body a little to make yourself more comfortable. After you feel you have relaxed both physically and mentally, you can begin with the following forms.

Some common incorrect postures for beginners are protruding the chin, chest, or buttocks, pulling in the waists or shrugging the shoulders. You can ask a friend to check your posture in reference to the pictures in this book.