Grasping the Cloud

Grasping the Cloud Breathing Exercise

Begin with the starting position and look ahead.  Lift your arms overhead from both sides, with palms facing downward and inhale at the same time.  When your hands reach the level of your forehead, turn the palms to face each other while continuing to lift your hands until they are shoulder width apart.  Imagine that you are grasping a white cloud while closing your hands.  Now turn your hands with palms facing toward your head and stop for a half second.  Then lower your hands to the side of your body and exhale.  Imagine that you are pushing the cloud into the ground through your body while you exhale.  When your hands reach their original place, stop the movement for a half second. Repeat cyclically three to twelve times.

This exercise can help you to relax both physically and mentally.  It is also very helpful for those people who are suffering from hypertension, dizziness, or tight chest.  It is not suggested for people with hypotention or who are depressed.  Do not protrude your chest or pull in your waist when inhaling and do not bow your head when exhaling.  Always keep your torso up straight.