I hope you have enjoyed learning the exercises in this website and have benefited from them. Though several different routines are introduced here, you do not have to learn or practice all of them. Learn the exercises one by one and do not begin the next one until you are sophisticated with the first one. Mimic the body movement first and then try to coordinate your respiration with the body movements. Gradually, you will be able to relax and focus more on your visualization as you become sophisticated with the body movements. Just choose one or two of the exercises that you like the most for your daily routine. For the purposes of mastering the exercises, you need to read through the text carefully and review text the photos constantly.

Since all of the exercises here have been nearly perfect through the generations, do not try to make changes or apply the principle of another kind of exercise to it unless you have practiced the exercise for some time and have mastered its essence.

A healthy body is the vehicle of a healthy mind. Practice the exercise with constancy and you will be able to keep a healthy body. I wish you all the best.


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