Intense Baduanjin

Intense Baduanjin Exercises

The Intense-Baduanjin Exercises is also called Warrior’s Eight-Section Brocade. It is a good exercise for martial art players.

Introduction of Intense Baduanjin Exercises

This is the advanced level Eight-Section Brocade. One should practice the Gentleman’s Eight-Section Brocade for a few weeks before moving on to the Warrior’s Eight-Section Brocade. Regular practice of this exercise can increase one’s stamina and explosive force. If you are practicing it for health, a ten-minute routine each time is enough. If you are practicing it for martial arts training, you should do it for at least a half hour each time.

General Requirements of Intense Baduanjin Exercises

It should be noted that the breathings in most forms here are just reversed when compared to the Gentleman’s Eight-Section Brocade. The stretching movements should be done with extreme internal force and accompanied by exhaling. The toes should grip the ground firmly and the fingers should be clenched tightly when fists are used. Clench the teeth tightly and open the eyes wide when internal force is exerted. Because this routine needs some intense exertion, you are suggested to do some warming up stretching exercise or a five-minute routine of Gentleman’s Eight-Section Brocade before doing the Warrior’s Eight-Section Brocade.

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