Mild Baduanjin

What is BaDuanJin

         BaDuanJin exercise has been in existance for more than eight hundred years in China.  Because of its effectiveness for keeping fit, it was accepted by Shaolin monks as one of the basic entering level exercises for Shaolin Wushu.  BaDuanJin Excercise (Eight-Eections Brocade) is an ideal life time exercise for most people.  The characteristic of the exercise is self-stretching, with breathing coordinated to the body movements.  It is especially recommended for people who work at desks every day.  Regular practice of this exercise can strengthen one’s internal organs as well as one’s muscles and tendons.

         Pregnant females and those with certain physical problems should consult a doctor before learning the exercise introduced here.

General Requirements for Practicing Baduanjin

  • Practice the whole routine every day at a regular time and exercise one or two of the forms whenever you feel it is beneficial.
  • Do not exercise within an hour after meals.
  • Go to the bathroom before practicing.
  • Practice in a place where the space is large, the scene is delightful, and the air is fresh.
  • Take a few deep breaths before beginning the routine.
  • Be relaxed both mentally and physically.
  • Breathe through your nose and no sound can be heard even by yourself.
  • The breaths and movements should be even, slow, and natural.
  • Stretch your sinews through gentle exertion.
  • Concentrate your attention on dantian when exhaling.
  • Stop for a half second after each inhaling or exhaling.
  • Relax yourself and walk around for awhile after practicing.
  • Repeat each form two to eight times.  It takes five to twenty minutes to do so.

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