From 5: Clenching Fists and Looking Forward

Baduanjin From 5.     Clenching Fists with Eyes Wide Open

       Take a big step sideways, feet parallel and at two-shoulders’ width apart.  Drop the torso with fists beside the waist.  Punch a fist slowly forward using internal force.  Turn the hand and then withdraw the punched out fist.  Punch the two fists in turn.  Inhale when withdrawing the fist and exhale when punching.  Teeth are clenched tightly and eyes opened wide as if you were angry.  Toes should grip the ground firmly.  Do not protrude the buttocks and pull in the lower back.

       This form helps to improve muscular strength and stamina.  It also promotes blood circulation and stimulates the nervous system.  The angry eyes and the tightly clenched fists are very important for this form.