Form 4: Looking over the Shoulders

Baduanjin Form 4.  Looking over the Shoulders

       Start with a small step sideways.  Look ahead with body relaxed.  Lift your left arm around the front of your face and hug the back of your head.  Lift the right hand to touch your back at the same time.  Then clench the right ear with the index and middle fingers of your left hand.  Turn the waist to the right and look at the left heel.  Return to the starting pose, lowering the left hand around your neck.  Reverse this movement.  Inhale while lifting your arms and turning your waist.  Exhale while returning to the starting pose.  Keep the body up straight while looking back.

       This form is believed to relieve fatigue caused by holding a particular position or being overcome by a certain mood for a long period of time.  The exercise helps to strengthen the muscles of the neck and around the eye sockets.  It is a recuperate exercise by stimulates the central nervous system and prevents cervico-vertebral fatigue.