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Exercises for Healing and Fitness


 Why Exercise

Many people exert themselves in ways that might cause some physical problems. These exertions could be either physical or spiritual. Some people work at computers all day long and some have to stand all day by machines. Those who drive each day sit on seats for hours with their hands on steering wheels. Business persons, who travel often, do not have a regular time to take their meals. All of these people suffer from certain tensions which cause fatigue. Fatigue can only be prevented or cured through exercising. Therefore, exercises are very important for a happy life and for maintaining efficiency in working.

baduanjinWhat Exercise

You could say that the method for dragon fighting is more advanced than the method of bull fighting, actually bull fighting is a lot easier and useful than dragon fighting. Think about how many dragons you will meet in your life time, and how much effort you would have to make for mastering the skill of dragon fighting. The exercises offered here are simple and easy to master. Hence, they are more suitable to the average person who is primarily interested in maintaining good health.

The exercises in this website were designed both for internal and external strength.  An overall balance was taken into consideration. So, rather than emphasizing special muscles, every part of your organism can take part in the exercise. As one is practicing the exercises, both the breathing and the body movements are slow and the breathing is rhythmic and in harmony with the body movements.  All of the exercises have been practiced for hundreds of years and are proven effective for maintaining health if they are practiced correctly.

baduanjinTwo Styles of Eight-Section Brocades

The exercise of Eight-sections Brocade is also called Baduanjin (Da Duan Jin) in Chinese. We are introducing two styles of Eight-sections Brocade exercises here, the mild Baduanjin, and the intense Baduanjin.  Another famous traditional excersices, the sinew transforming (Yijinjing)  is also included. As more Taichi Chuan is getting more and more popular, we are also introducing several Taichi forms here.