General Requirements of Exercising

When Preparing and Doing the Exercises

Wear loose clothes when you are preparing to do the exercises. Go to the bathroom before practicing.  Find an open space with fresh air.  Be relaxed both mentally and physically.  You should have the sun at your back if you choose to stand under the sun.  The breathing should be deep and even.  Breathe through your nose and no sound can be heard even by yourself.  Always pay some attention, especially when you exhaling, to your dantian, which is the internal point in your belly located one palm below your navel.  Do not practice within one hour after a big meal or a half hour after a small meal.
Feel the sensation in your body during practice.  Being comfortable is more important than mimicking the illustration pictures.  Coordinate all parts of the body with your mind and breathe.  Apply the movements smoothly and gently.  Exert consciousness rather than physical strength.  When finishing an exercise, stand still with your attention on dantian for awhile and then apply some massage to your hands, head, lower abdomen, and other parts of your body before moving around.