Something to Know

Something to Know before Preparing for the Exercises

Oriental exercises are becoming increasingly popular in western countries nowadays. Finding a good teacher is very important for learning these exercises,. Unfortunately, teachers with both performing skills and teaching ability are not available everywhere.  Even if you have learned some exercises with a good teacher, it is still difficult to practice them perfectly and remember all the forms when practicing them by yourself later.  This is why people have to learn or review the exercises by using instruction books.  Unfortunately, not every exercise is suitable for solitary learning.  This is true especially for those traditional oriental exercises that usually require an experienced teacher from whom to learn.  On the other hand, many people in modern society want to benefit from exercise by practicing only a little.  This is why I want to introduce the ideas of this website to you. 

The exercises introduced in this website are some simple, easy, effective, and time saving practices. You can learn them without a teacher, you can do them without much physical strength or body flexibility, and you can practice them for only five minutes a day if you do not have much time for exercising.  However, this does not mean that these exercises are less effective when compared to those that are more time consuming and complicated.

The exercises introduced in this website were designed both for internal and external strength. An overall balance was taken into consideration. So, rather than emphasizing special muscles, every part of your organism can take part in the exercise. As one is practicing the exercises, both the breathing and the body movements are slow and the breathing is rhythmic and in harmony with the body movements. All of the exercises have been practiced for hundreds of years and are proven effective for maintaining health if they are practiced correctly.

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