Suggestions to Learners

Suggestions to Learners and Players

      It is not suggested that you learn all the exercises in this book. Rather, you should choose your favorite exercises, those which are most suitable to you.  Trying to do everything at the same time often result in accomplishing nothing.  Before choosing the exercises of this website that are most appropriate for you, the following descriptions will be helpful in making the decision.

  • Pregnant females and those with certain physical or mental problems should consult a doctor before learning the exercises in this book.  For example, some exercises require bending down low. Such exercises are not suitable for people with hypertension or arteriosclerosis.
  • The breathing methods introduced in chapter two are suitable for most people.  It would be helpful to practice these exercises for a few weeks before going further in practicing the other exercises in this book.
  • The spine exercises are for those people who want to increase their over all internal physical balance.  The second one, waving the torso in the chi, is especially good for the digestive system.
  • Sinew Transform and Strenthern Baduanjin are popular among martial arts players. They are for those who want some advanced level exercises.  These exercises can strengthen your muscles and make your tendons more flexible.
  • The gental Eight-Section Brocade, an exercise for all ages and all professions, is introduced.  It is especially recommended for people who work at desks every day.  It is also one of the author’s favorite exercises.
  • Stretching exercises can be used as warming up exercises for various sports.  They can be used as complementary exercises for Tai Chi Chuan because Tai Chi Chuan does not require large extension of movement.
  • Tai Chi Chuan has become increasingly popular in western countries in the recent years.  The whole routine of Tai Chi Chuan is rather difficult to remember and usually takes a long time to learn.  To meet the needs of those people who want to benefit from Tai Chi Chuan, some single forms are introduced in chapter eight.  As a matter of fact, practicing some single Tai Chi forms repeatedly is more beneficial if a person’s goal is only health improvement.  On the other hand, repeating single forms is the primary stage before learning the whole routine.
  • The exercises of Sinew Transform and Baduanjin are usually considered whole routines.  If you would like to practice only one or two of the forms, it is still necessary to do the preparation form and the concluding form for a starting and finishing.
  • The editor does not suggest that you learn Yoga or some routines of Chigong at the same time as you are learning the exercises in this book, because you might mix up different exercises in this way.  If you have learned Yoga or Chigong before, please do not mix up the requirements of the different exercises. Do not apply the principles for a special exercise to other ones unless you have really mastered them and are knowledgeable enough to do so.
  • It is not advisable to practice the exercises in chapters three, four, six, or eight when one is feeling hungry, tired, exhilarated or disturbed.

Practicing twice a day is suggested.  At least one daily practice is recommended.  Practicing three times a day is advised for those who are practicing for recovery from some problem with their health.