Sinew Transform

Sinew Transform Exercises

This exercise is derived from the famous tendon transforming exercise, Yi Jin Jing.  It is said that the Yi Jin Jing exercise was invented as a supplementary physical training for those monks who meditated all day long.  The exercise is now widely accepted as a basic training by Shaolin school martial arts practitioners.  The traditional Yi Jin Jing is a time consuming twelve-form exercise, and it is difficult to learn without correct instruction of a good master.    To practice this exercise, it is suggested that you schedule a 30 to 90 minute’s period and find a place where nobody will disturb you.

       Some general requirements are as follows.  Breathe evenly and slowly through your nose.  Close your mouth, teeth clenched slightly.  Keep your backbone straight without protruding or withdrawing any part of your trunk.  Always pay some attention to dantian, that is, one palm width below your navel.

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