Swaying Torso in the Chi

Basic Sitting Method

       Sit up straight on the edge (about four inches) of a bench with its height equal to that of your knees.  Rest your hands on your knees with your feet flat on the ground and shoulder width apart.  Relax your shoulders while bending your elbows naturally.  Draw in your chin and relax your chest. The tip of your nose is in line with your navel.  Slightly close your eyes or look forward gently.  Close your mouth and clench your teeth lightly.  Rest the tip of your tongue on your palate like pronouncing ‘luh’.

       Breathe deeply and slowly; deeply, but do not hold your breath; slowly, but just to the extent that you feel uncomfortable.  Calm down mentally and relax physically through this breathing pattern.  Clear your mind while inhaling and relax your muscles while exhaling.  Practice for five to fifteen minutes each time.


Swaying Torso in the Chi

       Begin with the basic sitting position.  Separate the feet to one and a half shoulders’ width.  Lean your torso to the right side, forward, to the left side, and then backward a little in turn.  Exhale while bending forward and inhale while lifting the torso.  Draw a circle like this 36 times.  Return to the starting position and rest for one or two deep breaths.  Then turn the torso in the opposite direction for 36 times.  Imaging that your torso is swaying in an ocean of chi. Take two to six deep breaths before finishing.  It should take 15 to 20 minutes for this exercise.

       This exercise is for overall balance of the internal organs.  It is especially helpful for recovering from bad functioning of digestive system, poor bowel movement, lumbago, and insomnia.